Monday, March 18, 2013

craft love

So..I'm totally addicted to Pinterest, thanks to my good friend and co-worker JoAnna. Now, I can't stop pinning!!!! I've been addicted for quite some time now. SMH Well, I am totally a DIYer. I love creating and taking things I see in the stores and making the same look for less! While pinning, I stubbled across a recipe for homemade body wash! I had been sitting on the idea of making it for quite sometime. I mean really, the stuff gets expensive. Especially, for the kind I like! So I gave it a try.

I had been researching the best way to go about making this DIY body wash in which every site I found suggested using a "natural" soap. So, I searched for the Yardley's soap which I was fimilar with  though it was hard to find. I ended up finding it in Dollar General! Surprise, surprise!

Here's the one I chose:

I thought it smelled good and it would make a good fragrance for a body wash.
I then gathered all the things I needed to go about making my DIY body wash...

Here's the list of what you're going to need:
1) 1 4oz. bar of natural soap shredded
2) 1 Gallon of distiled water
3) 2 Tbs of gleceryin
4) Regualar kitchen grater
5) Big spoon
6) Big pot

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